The motorcycle is one of the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines, owing to its affordability and convenience. Not many Filipinos can afford the purchase and maintenance of a car, so they turn to motorcycles to transport them to work or school.

Due to its popularity, it’s no wonder that we hear plenty of news about accidents involving motorcycles. Some motorists lack enough driving skills and experience to safely navigate our roads. That is why the government is enforcing stricter laws on motorists, such as the requirement to wear helmets at all times.

Just recently, a motorcyclist and his back rider figured in a road accident that also involved a large ten-wheeler truck. The Facebook page “Tacurong secret files” shared the video footage of the said accident. You can watch it below:

Dapat alam mo yung mga blind spot ng mga truck. Wag singit ng singit©️ Jek Jek Frocarpio

Posted by Tacurong secret files on Friday, March 22, 2019

As you can see in the video, the motorcyclist and his back rider tried to cross the street. In doing so, they entered the “blind spot” of the truck.

Since the truck driver was not able to see the motorcyclist and his back rider, the massive truck proceeded to squash the two unfortunate souls.

Miraculously, both the motorcyclist and the back rider survived. The lady back rider went under the truck but was fortunate enough to escape with minor bruises.

The video is a reminder to everyone to drive safely and to be more watchful of their surroundings. What can you say about this incident?


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